Easy Import Export. Import by key field, like code, ref

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Import data by key field. eg: import customer by reference, import product by code or barcode.
Easy import any data by key code.

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版本: 13.0

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Easy Import Export. Import by key field, like code, ref

Lastest update: v13.21.08.25

Key features:
  • 1. Import any data by key field
  • 2. Import customer by reference
  • 3. Import product by code or barcode
  • 4. Use for any data, like sale order,purchase order,picking
  • 11. Multi-language Support.
  • 12. Multi-Company Support.
  • 13. Support Odoo 16, 15, 14, 13,12, 11, Enterprise and Community Edition.

So Easy to Import any data by key field

eg: import sale order with customer code and sales person code

Import sale order like as normal import. Support key field now.

After import, get sale order with data we need.

Get sample file in demo dir

Multi-language Support..

Technical Help & Support

For any type of technical help & support requests, Feel free to contact us


Via QQ: 300883 (App user would not get QQ or any other IM support. Only for odoo project customize.)


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