1键优化重置Odoo。2024-03-13更新,48 项功能全面增强。用于将odoo改为你的软件名、自定义OEM、Ui优化、速度提升、安全增强、开发增强、用户与开发手册。
¥ 2.00 2.0 CNY
SQL 直接执行,SQL 查询

Direct run sql in odoo. select, insert, delete, update, all sql supported.
Make data queries directly show.
No need to use postgres.
¥ 303.95 303.95 CNY
Sms Aliyun,阿里云大鱼短信接口

Aliyun sms base support.基础支持。用于发送用户注册,验证码短信,业务通知等。
¥ 1,568.10 1568.1 CNY
Easy import export o2m. import export multi delete order detail

Allow you to Easy import or export in one2many field in form. like import or export sale order line. purchase order line.
mass delete multi record. delete multiple, delete on2many multi, delete many2many multi, easy add line in form and list.
¥ 545.63 545.63 CNY