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Guangzhou Odoo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
Odoo China official partner, formerly Guangzhou Shangpeng

  • Odoo projects are delivered 100% successfully by customers
  • Odoo official website download first, serving thousands of enterprises
  • The Chinese company with the largest sales volume on Odoo's official website
  • Microsoft China ChatGpt service provider, AI service center
  • Focus on Odoo development and implementation training, nine years of industry accumulation
  • ERP and e-commerce mini programs and other full-featured platform customization
  • Odoo Chinese market, massive module themes

7.5 million users|The world's first open source ER

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Odoo Smart Business

Enjoy all the functions of the Chinese version, and a large number of core enhancements have been extracted from the commercial of Guangzhou ODU

Integration of industry and finance, integration of production and marketing, mobile support, and high-availability support of the group

7*24 hours technical support

Smart Standard Edition

  • Full-featured open source ERP
  • Enhanced Chinese (translation, prefectures, etc.)
  • CRM sales quotation copying
  • Procurement management, procurement negotiation
  • Multi-warehouse, multi-location invoicing
  • Scan the code for the order workflow
  • Discrete manufacturing, production management

Intelligent supply chain

  • One thing, one code, the whole process traceability
  • Invoicing and storage mobile scanning code
  • Multi-warehouse shelves, intelligent loading and unloading
  • Warehouse capacity management, ABC policy
  • Customer/Vendor Service Portal
  • After-sales service, engineering management
  • Mini program, DingTalk mobile terminal
  • ChatGPT Ai intelligent service

+ Intelligent manufacturing

  • Production cost management
  • Comprehensive production tracking of materials, labor and costs
  • Automatic coding of materials
  • Multi-grade BoM, semi-finished products, PLM
  • Timing piecework, scanning code to report work
  • Outsourced management, production of all materials
  • Full quality inspection, return and exchange management
  • Internet of Things, integration of automated machines

+ Industry customization

  • Foreign trade export, cross-border e-commerce ERP
  • Chain franchise, whole network distribution SCM
  • Shoes and bags, fashion industry CRM
  • Home building materials, engineering management MES
  • Flexible manufacturing, production costing
  • Precise customization, standard person-day charges
  • Integration of industry and finance, process automation

 Proven industry solutions, out-of-the-box
  • Global network distribution, chain monopoly

E-commerce, mini programs, multi-platform synchronization

Active marketing, store cashier, WeChat Alipay

  • Fashion industry, boxes and bags

Global style color code, multi-level BoM, outsourcing calculation

Multi-warehouse transfer, scheduling and dispatching, batch traceability

  • Customized production, smart home

Customize quotation, change order copying, split order and disassemble drawing

The whole process of code scanning, on-site installation, drawing documents

our customers

Guangzhou ODU Intelligent is a technical team that has been focusing on enterprise ERP for a long time, and we use Odoo to serve nearly 1,000 customers around the world. The main members are from SAP, WeChat, Alikoubei and other companies, focusing on the development and implementation of odoo open source ERP and mobile e-commerce platform, nine years of odoo experience accumulation, in the manufacturing and FMCG retail industry has a number of successful experience.

Shenzhen Moro Zhiyuan

global foreign trade multi-channel distribution platform

We have been doing foreign trade, focusing on live broadcast of our main products, and have always used Odoo to manage the business of the United States and Canada. In recent years, at the same time, it has laid out domestic layouts, opened Tmall Jingdong stores, and created its own new domestic brand flashers.
Odoo has well supported the growth of our domestic trade and foreign trade, and a platform connects with Amazon, Shopee, Tmall, Jingdong and other online distribution platforms, and manages our production procurement and finance at the same time. The most important thing is that this core technology platform is our own.

A provincial tobacco monopoly

Multi-city distribution, warehousing intelligent logistics

There are tens of thousands of retail customers in our city, all of which place orders from us through the Odoo platform, and they are delivered on a weekly basis. Supply chain, e-commerce platform, warehousing and logistics are all in one system, through RFID Internet of Things technology to efficiently realize the automation of forklift rack operations, to solve our three major requirements for data: "comprehensive, timely and accurate".

  InManager •  Director of the Prefecture Marketing Center   Learn more...

Guangzhou Baiyun Airport

  APS Mobile Cleaning Management Platform

We serve many airports across the country, and our aircraft attendants and cleaners are field staff. With Odoo, there is no need to fill out forms manually as before, and our airline customers can view service results directly from the portal platform.

odoo WeChat, odoo DingTalk are directly used, and all field functions can be completed on the mobile phone. The operation is simple, and the 50-year-old aunt also uses it smoothly.

Fili Smart Home

Customized furniture production and sales integration

Our IT selection process is relatively long, the team used to be Sophia, want to optimize the whole system over, is the consulting company recommended to us odoo, can be customized cost controllable, odoo accounting for production cost control advantages are obvious.

Our business is all custom production, there are too many details, it is too important to find a local service team, and we are very grateful to Shang Peng (the original company name of Guangzhou Odu) for its continuous support.

Quanzhou listed shoe company

Group portal, production management

We have been doing shoes and clothing for decades, front shop and back factory, there are too many systems. ERP with M3, distribution with Bojun, finance is Kingdee, human resources with Ruisi, nearly 2,000 people to coordinate.

Odoo technology is very advanced, especially suitable for group portal data center. After using the Odoo lean production system, it is very good to integrate all business data together, and solve the core problem of information islands and style code that we have been headache with.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Foshan)

Electronic payment platform

Odoo is a very open platform, customers completed the docking of our ICBC payment with WeChat mini program and distribution website within 2 weeks. Collections, refunds, reconciliations are all automated.

Really fast!

More customers...

Guangzhou ODU Intelligent has actually served 1000+ customers around the world. In the Chinese market, we focus on the development and implementation of Odoo, and have successfully served 100+ large and medium-sized enterprise users and listed companies. Enterprises that have successfully implemented Odoo development include: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China/Industrial Bank supply chain payment, a province tobacco Province-wide distribution/warehousing logistics , Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Mobile MRO/Expert Platform , Guangzhou Feili/Dongguan Jiasi Customized furniture production and sales integration , UR China New Retail , Shell China Store marketing , Wanda Group Smart Xiaoice , Ping An, China Mobile developmentand other customers, as well as Guangzhou Qiku Kikuu moves , South African Dragon City Online O2O e-commerce 、  Cross-border e-commerce and many other Internet foreign trade enterprises. We will uphold the consistent spirit of Shangde and pragmatism to ensure the success of your project.

Odoo Smart Free Chinese Edition

Chinese user manual is given away

With Odoo Community Edition as the core, based on ODU Intelligence's 10 years of experience, more optimized Chinese localization

All free to download, no user limit, no time limit, green version out of the box

Multi-company, multi-currency, multi-language support, app market downloads


Sales, purchases, inventory, receivables and payables

CRM customer marketing

Store POS cashier

The latest technology, far beyond most commercial ERPs

Production management

PLM multi-specification product management

BoM Bill of Materials, purchase and ship to order

Production site process management

Integrated production and marketing, full data integration

E-commerce portals

Website to get customer information

Online store, design to your heart's content

Customer Service Portal

Front shop back factory, fast new media matrix

App Market

Tens of thousands of ODOO free/commercial apps

Massive e-commerce platform decoration templates

Fully open source, no restrictions, one-click use

No developer required, resulting in significant cost savings

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Odoo includes a full-featured ERP and industry application rapid development platform for enterprise applications of all sizes. odoo function perfect, after our in-depth development, full-featured odoo includes enterprise basic invoicing, sales, procurement, sales, WMS warehouse inventory management, MRP manufacturing, PLM product life cycle, product quality inspection, internal forum, fleet management, internal chat IM communication, barcode traceability management, CRM customer relationship management, VOIP, E-Commerce e-commerce, online store, enterprise official website, HR human resource management, enterprise recruitment, employee contract, vacation, Food and beverage management, financial accounting, bank reconciliation, asset management, budget management, POS cash register, project management, etc.

odoo uses Python + Javascript, the most popular development language.