Going live

Once you have finished all the web design and development work, it’s time to deploy it on a development or production database.

Module import

Odoo SaaS

Follow these steps the first time you import a module:

  1. Create a ZIP file of your module.

  2. Connect to the project database.

  3. Enable the developer mode.

  4. Go to Apps, search for base_import_module, and install it if necessary.

  5. Click on Import Module in the menu.

  6. Upload your ZIP file, tick Force init, and click the Import App button.

If you need to re-import a module after making some changes, follow the same steps, but before importing the module, open the developer menu and select Become Superuser. To leave the Superuser mode, log out and log back in.


The ZIP file size must be less than 50 MB.


Go to Apps and click on Update Apps List in the menu. Search for your module in the list and install it.